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Announcing 11th ICLICE London

We are pleased to announce that the 11th International Conference on Language, Innovation, Culture and Education is now open for registrations.

We cordially invite academicians, researchers, and scholars to submit proposals for presentation at the two-day event to be held at the Cumberland Hotel, London on the 7-8 September 2018. Please visit for information and online submission.

Announcing 7th ICLEI Ho Chi Minh City

We are pleased to announce that the 7th International Conference on Language, Education and Innovation is now open for registrations

We cordially invite academicians, researchers, and scholars to submit proposals for presentation at the two-day event to be held at the Liberty Central Saigon Citypoint Hotel, Ho Chi Minh City on the 20-21 May 2017. Please visit for information and online submission.

Announcing 10th ICLEHI Jakarta

We are pleased to announce that the 10th International Conference on Language, Education, Humanities and Innovation is now open for registrations

We cordially invite academicians, researchers, and scholars to submit proposals for presentation at the two-day event to be held at the Pullmana Jakarta Central Park, Jakarta, Indonesia on the 27-28 July 2018. Please visit for information and online submission.

Writing a Literature Review: Six Steps to Get You from Start to Finish – Dr. Tanya Golash-Boza


Many of you will instantly agree with us if we say that the literature review is one of the most tiresome sections to write about in a research paper.

A good literature review should be able to describe, summarize, and critically evaluate works related to the problem being investigated. It should also be designed to provide an overview of the sources that have been explored while providing context to your research in relation to a larger body of knowledge.

Dr, Tanya Golash-Boza, who regularly blogs on topics that are close to our hearts, shares six useful steps in writing a good literature review section in a paper. Check out her article below.

Source : Writing a Literature Review: Six Steps to Get You from Start to Finish – Dr. Tanya Golash-Boza


5 Tips to Avoid Burnout and Stay Motivated

It is inevitable to feel like you’re burning out at some point. Whatever struggles you are facing, thankfully there are strategies to get you over this hump. Here are the top 5 tips to avoid burnout and stay motivated.

1. Quit comparing!

A case of the Joneses is about the best way to make you feel like you’re worth nothing. When such comparisons enter your head, recognize that these are just negative thoughts and let them pass. The key is to not fixate on them and let them go.

2. Done is better than perfect.

Many entrepreneurs are over achievers. This is a blessing and curse. It’s good to have high standards, but it’s worse to not finish tasks because you want them done perfectly. Either say no to tasks that you know you won’t be able to implement, or finish important tasks on time, even if they’re not perfectly manifested.

3. Adjust your expectations.

Similarly, if you are holding yourself up to impossible standards that you will never be able to meet, give yourself a break. You’ll drive yourself crazy and you’ll realistically be less successful in driving your business forward. Make realistic, yet ambitious goals: we know, it’s a fine line.

4. Identify what’s important to you and protect it.

Marisa Mayer, the CEO of Yahoo, gives some wonderful advice about avoiding burnout. She believes workers burn out when they grow resentful. Figure out which personal commitments are important for you to keep and never let work get in their way. This can be having dinner with your kids, your weekly yoga class, having time in the morning to run, etc.

5. Make a plan to achieve what you want and stick to it.

This is the trickiest tip because it requires the most work. Thankfully with reflection, solid planning, giving yourself rewards for each step of your plan, and constant reevaluation, you should be fine.

  • Visualize every single, small step of your plan of action.
    Just as you would create a detailed work plan for a new campaign, treat yourself to the same rigor. What will you need to do the first week, month, three months to accomplish what you want to?
  • Have a friend hold you accountable.
    It is easy to get lazy with your plan if you don’t have anyone to report to. So check in with a friend each week.
  • If you didn’t accomplish your goals, make your tasks smaller and more realistic.
    This is okay: things don’t always go according to plan. Now, just visualize your new, adjusted plan like you did before and you’ll be good to go
  • Give yourself rewards for each step you’re able to accomplish.
    This will encourage positive thinking, which will also help you move forward.
  • Strategize for when you’ll lack motivation.
    Yes, even though you’ve come up with this spiffy plan, life is life and you’ll still feel low sometimes. So, think of strategies ahead of time that will make you feel better. Mindfullness, taking walks, writing, and volunteering are all helpful coping mechanisms.

Researchers Have Found A Surprisingly Powerful Effect Of Sleeping More – The Washington Post

sleepWe all know sleep matters for job performance. After a week of vacation, you may find your work better than ever. But rack up a week of sleepless nights — say, following a polarizing presidential election — and you may find yourself struggling.

Source: Researchers have found a surprisingly powerful effect of sleeping more – The Washington Post

Musically Crown to Feature your own body’s factor and also to appeal to Fame

How can i attain free Musically fans fast?

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Weighty when there are and so the great majority facility in the marketplace, its don’t you plenty of to mention that individuals receive the legal right facility. We ought to confirm that it through numerous guide only to data and so the populace attain 1 point of view regarding exactly where i actually stand. And so defined beneath will be a screenshot just that certainly mentions the level of pure fans only to fans up the consideration of numerous populace before only to carrying out a playing our instrument. Look at the particular data only to youll act as amazed at the outcome. Isnt that it weighty? this is simply not only a fake instrument just that only about surges the very count number. That they’re pure patients who’ve have also been in charge of the very upsurge in the level of tastes, fans only to stocks. Then they suppose just like you only to me. And so be assured just that this is simply not an integrated trap, that is an authentic only to efficient put together to help on you at fetching thousands of free fans. No prepare for or App Download

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The particular instrument has been distributed around on you do not forget the great majority your needs meaning that that it holds numerous improves thereby rendering it an integrated chosen facility more than the others in the marketplace. Lets look at any of these substances enlisted below:

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So how exactly does the particular instrument works?

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