Danica Cerce

Danica Čerče is an Associate Professor of Literatures in English, teaching English at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. Čerče has participated in a number of international conferences as a panelist, a keynote speaker, a member of Conference Steering Committee and Advisory Board, and has given lectures and conducted courses at several foreign universities, most recently at the University of Georgia in the United States. She serves on the Editorial Board of Coolabah and Steinbeck Review, and is a Vice President of the International Society of Steinbeck Scholars.

Her research interests include the 20th century American literature, contemporary Black and Native American playwriting, Indigenous Australian literature, and translation studies. She is the author of three monograph publications, several book chapters in edited collections, including A Companion to Aboriginal Literature (2013), Transculturation and Aesthetics: Ambivalence, Power, and Literature (2014), Symphony and Song: The Intersection of Words and Music (2016), Critical Insights: Of Mice and Men (2017), Comparative Literature as a Critical Approach (2017), and has contributed articles to several Slovene and foreign academic journals.

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