The 2nd International Conference on Language, Education and Innovation 2015
ISBN 978-967-13140-5-0

Improving Digital Marketing by Using Multi Social Networks and SEO Methods

Marung Ukrit

Maejo University, Thailand


Rapidly increasing of users and websites on the internet is caused by digital market competition. One result of the competition is the overload information. So, mostly websites are developed to assist the users to find their interested information. The research objectives are to analyze the increasing number of users, marketing channels, and the websites ranking on the main search engines. The multi social network and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques were applied to improve the digital marketing websites. Three websites with the same content were developed to improve the performance of digital marketing. The SEO technique was applied to increase the websites ranking on the search engines. In the dataset, the five popular keywords that analyze from the keyword analysis tool were selected. Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus are the multi social networks. The google analytic is the tool to evaluate the search performance. The results showed that the websites available the multi social networks performed effectively more than website with single social network in case of the increasing the number of users, incoming links, and ranking of the keywords.


Social Network, Web-Service, Search Engine Optimize, Digital Marketing

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