Cosmic Harmony Through Quantum Physics and Literature: An Interdisciplinary Study

Azhar Suhail Atiyah
Basra Educational Directorate, Iraq


Quantum particles, whether electrons or photons, looks as if it had a spirit to communicate telepathically and exchange feelings (states).The behaviors of the particles is an evidence of the harmonization and coordination of our world, this paper presents the conformity and the notion of symphony of the universe. In addition, it offers the correlation between arts and sciences, which have existed side by side for centuries, but there have been few cases in recent academic history in which literary scholars and scientists worked together, having an impact on each other’s studies and getting advantages from their different ideas and approaches. Art and Science have to work side by side to interweave the mental creations that are produced by the mind. This study looks at the beneficial results that may come from a discourse between the two cultures for promoting a better understanding of the significance of interdisciplinarity. Literature can be used as a measure to a better understanding of quantum theory whereas this theory also can help us discover and understand new meaning in the literary works. This confirms that no discipline takes precedence over the other and that fill the communicational gaps between them to gather various approaches. Consequently, their diversified viewpoints will have useful results for the two cultures, revealing up a new visions of ideas and theories. The final claim is that like physicists who seek getting a unified theory, literary critics at the same time, traveling through time back to the past seeking to get an entry points to the literary works through interdisciplinarity approach rather than monodisciplinary that frame minds and lead to deal with texts from one side.


harmony, holistically-minded, complete knowledge system, totalitarian, symphony

Online Repository of the International Journal of Language, Literature, Culture, and Education