Authenticity at Sudanese EFL Classes of Tertiary Level: Effectiveness and Challenges

Ahazeej Abdellateef Abdelkareem Ali
University of Khartoum, Sudan


This study aims to approve the effectiveness of using different types of authentic materials to improve EFL writing for the work place at university level. It also investigates the main challenges which face teachers when using such kinds of materials. To achieve this goal, a study was conducted with 103 EFL students of marketing- third year at the Faculty of Business Studies at Sudan University of Science and Technology. The researcher gave the students a pre-test then divided them equally into two groups one experimental and the other is control. The students of the experimental group were taught writing for work place with different types of authentic materials and authentic tasks while the students of the control one were not. After seven weeks the researcher and also by means of test; found out significant differences between the performance of students before and after the treatment which show the improvements of the level of the experimental group. This revealed the effectiveness of using different types and tasks authentic materials in enhancing writing for work place. The interview which was conducted with 12 teachers who teach ESP at three different Sudanese universities at Khartoum State also showed the importance of using authentic materials to teach writing for the work place which will solve the problem that is caused by unaffordable, expensive textbooks. Teachers also believe that using such materials, motivate students and connect them to real world of language usage which creates sense of purpose for learning. Absence of using authentic materials is due to the lack of training on how to use them among teachers. Based on the above mentioned results, the study recommends the use of authentic materials to teach writing for the workplace which is very effective and provides training for the teachers on how to use them.


authentic materials, authentic tasks, ESP, workplace

Online Repository of the International Journal of Language, Literature, Culture, and Education