Issue 1-2018

Developing and Validating Scoring Rubrics for the Assessment of Research Papers Writing Ability of EFL/ESL Undergraduate students: The Effects of Research Papers Writing Intervention Program using Process Genre Model of Research Paper Writing
Kim Thanh Tuyen, Shukri Bin Osman, Nor Shafrin Binti Ahmad, Thai Cong Dan
Task Complexity, Peer Interaction and Learner Autonomy: A Case Study
Nishevita Jayendran, Lavanya Murali, Anusha Ramanathan, Jennifer Thomas, Sujata Bhonsale, Surbhi Nagpal, Mayuri Kulkarni
Writer Accountability and Discourse Voice in Academic English: a Study of the Verb ‘emerge’
Brian Poole
Development of Phonemic Awareness in the Poetry Sequence: A Case Study on French EFL Learners
Qianhong Jiang, Michel Favriaud, André Tricot
Discrepancies between Rural Students’ and English Teachers’ Perceptions of Motivational Strategies
Hsiao-Wen Hsu
Exploring the Understanding and Use of the Metacognitive Strategy of Brainstorming in Group Discussions
Shravasti Chakravarty
Multiple Ways of Knowing: Encouraging Inter-Cultural Dialogue and Education through Poetry and Art
Jan MacLean
How Effective are L1 Games in Improving the Understanding of English Grammar for University Students?
Multilingual Researchers Engaging in Postmonolingual Theorising
Michael Singh

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