Matthew D.M. Watson, Scott W. Beckett
Pepperdine University, Idaho, United States of America


Corporate management structures are redesigned, realigned, and manipulated each day across the corporate United States. The adjustment of management chains, reporting lines, and shifting areas of responsibilities create an increased level of stress in the employees who are affected by these shifts. While a flawlessly designed restructuring of an organization elicits stress, a poorly designed change event can have even more severe consequences. Increasing the potential of that occurrence is that the individuals driving these changes have little background knowledge in organizational design and therefore increase the likelihood of these events turning disastrous. This paper proposes a simulation model in which a team would be enabled to systematically evaluate their organizational structure and their flow of operations in other organizational structures. This has the potential to empower a team with the predictive foresight to reduce friction that will be encountered during the planned change.


Adhocracy, Bureaucracy, Change Management, Command and Control Structures, Flat Structures, Matrix Structures, Organizational Complexity, Organizational Design, and Simulation