Bouchareb Fouzia, Bouchareb Hassina
University of Abu El Kassem Saad Allah, Algiers, Algeria


The present study seeks to highlight the orientation of the schoolchildren’s talents in the Algerian Educational System. It is not concerned with discovering the talented pupils and making them all equal from their early schooling, or lists the different talents in specific patterns neither. The study focuses on school acquisition that is always expressed through quantitative average which is the product of the convergence of several talents. Based on several theoretical data, the main question of the study emerges as follow; what are the different orientations of schoolchildren’s talents in the Algerian Educational System? In the light of what preceded the study attempts to focus on the following points; (a) having an in-depth view about the different talents that characterizes the schoolchildren, (b) evaluate the competences and talents of schoolchildren, (c) discover the talents of schoolchildren in the light of the theory of multiple intelligences, and (d) knowing about the differences of children’s talents according to the gender and age. The present study is classified as descriptive survey which consists on collecting data through field investigation then classifying and analyzing them. In this survey the researcher used Haward Gardner lists of Multiple Intelligences to identify the talents of schoolchildren in the Algerian School. To evaluate and identify the orientations of schoolchildren’s talents we have used that scale as a principle tool of research which was applied on 90 pupils (girls and boys) representing our sample. The results of the research have shown the following; (a) pupils having a Social Intelligence: 18.94%, (b) pupils having an Interpersonal Intelligence: 16.67%, (c) pupils having a Linguistic Intelligence: 15.22%, (d) pupils having a Visual and Spatial Intelligence:14.97%, (e) pupils having Mathematical and Logical Intelligence:14.27%, (f) pupils having Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence: 11.94%, and vii) pupils having Musical Intelligence 8.00%.


Multiple Intelligences, talent