Vishaalenny Subramaniam
University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia


The study will be based upon content analysis, in a general sense considers sexual presentation outline through male gaze on K.S.Maniam’s imaginative work through Laura Mulvey’s hypothesis. The target of the study is to first gage male gazing and what the gazing is showed in these academic works. This study also will in like course set to discuss the like hoods of male gazing and set to give impact into the effect of the male gaze on both man and woman. Set in a typical Indian culture, works of K.S.Maniam show what the take after, the likelihood of gazing and being gazed, fills in as a system of empowering and disempowering. The center of this review is to show what the gaze could be both strength and weakness being the subject or the trial of a look. The study will correspondingly explore the use of gaze as a tool by both male and female character in the literary work. The study will further asses how the gaze of objectification is used by those who look with a particular fixation to overpower and dominate the others regard their gender. This study in like way will be made to perceive how both male and female could be a subject of male gaze in certain condition. I will in like way explore extra enlightenments for the use of the gaze by both male and female character, particularly in its utilization by "manly" female and "feminized" male characters.


Male-Gazing, Empowering And Disempowering, Objectification