Huynh Thi Trang
Can Tho University, Vietnam


This paper is aimed at identifying impacting factors on master’s degree learning needs of Library and Information Management alumni at Can Tho University, Vietnam. Based on the conceptual framework of “High quality human resource” defined by the United Nations Development Agency – UNDP (2004) and the education development strategies of the Ministry of Education and Training in Vietnam, the research was conducted using quantitative approach. Of 262 former Library and Information Management graduates networked by the academic advisors and teaching staff through the Library Department Facebook, 155 answered the online survey. Quantitative data were analysed using exploratory factor and multiple regression analyses of Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. The findings from this research show that one-third of these former Library and Information Management alumni had post-graduate learning needs. Percentage of librarianship graduates at public libraries want to study master’s degrees more than those working at other places. Among five groups of surveyed impacting factors leading to their master’s degree aspirations, university attractions, professional opportunities, and influential individuals were found as the strong impacting groups of factors. Furthermore, findings from multiple regression analysis indicate that the most impacting group of factors is the university attractions. These factors include suitable tuition, affordable living expenses, convenient geographical location, rich library resources, up-to-date reference materials for master’s theses and available post-graduate dormitory. Implications for attracting more post-graduate candidates to enroll in Can Tho University and other tertiary institutions are also presented. This research also provides insights into further professional training and development for library leaders in selecting and supporting qualified staff who contribute to the quality human resources of their community.


Aspirations, Impacting Factors, Library and Information Management, Master’s degree, Post-graduate Learning Needs