Thamarat Jangsiriwattana, Karaked Choorit
The Aviation Personnel Development Institute, Thailand


Expatriate is a vital issue of all multinational organization. Four approaches are presenting four types of expatriates including ethnocentric approach, the geocentric approach, polycentric approach and regiocentric approach. Based on the extensive review of the existing literature, the ultimate purpose of this paper is to present the conceptual framework relevant to expatriate by examining the following factors: expatriate preparation, cross-cultural training, cross-cultural adjustment and potential moderator of the relationship between cross-cultural training and expatriate performance. Thus, research question is what is the conceptual framework of expatriate management?. The findings gain more knowledge for human resource management – HRM in multinational organization to manage their expatriates effectively. However, additional empirical research is suggested for future research to examine this developed model.


Expatriate, Expatriate Preparation, Expatriate Performance, Cross-Cultural Training, Cross-Cultural Adjustment, Human Resource Management