Rini Darmastuti, Sri Winarso Martyas Edi, Erwien Christianto
Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana, Indonesia


Information technology has developed very quickly. At the moment we are at the end of the 4.0 era. According to Castells, the development of this network technology has led to the emergence of new radical communication models and has enabled the growth of mass self-communication where users can be both senders and recipients of the messages. On the one hand, the development of communication technology has a very big role in building the civilization of human life. On the other hand, many Indonesians are not ready to enter this era. Manuel Castell (2000) writes that social structures and activities in electronic technology capable of processing and managing information are very important at this level. In addition, the ability of people to choose and sort the information they consume makes it an urgency. Digital media literacy is an absolute necessity for every individual who is part of society 4.0. Kellner (2010) says that society can actually reject the influences of media culture by using the culture they have. Local wisdom, which is a manifestation of cultural teachings lived by a local community, can be used as a filter to absorb and cultivate foreign cultures according to their own character and abilities. This paper is based on the results of research conducted using qualitative methods and explores the local wisdom of the Salatiga community through in-depth observation and interviews. The first result is 4.0 society requires not only intelligence but also wisdom. Second, the local wisdom of the Salatiga community can be used as a basis in building smart and wise communities when they consume media. Third, Digital media literacy can be done using interactive media based on local wisdom of the Salatiga community.


digital media literacy, local wisdom, community of Salatiga, era 4.0