Marketing Orientation, Entrepreneurship Orientation, Learning Orientation and Firm Performance of Malay Entrepreneurs in Perak

Nek Kamal Yeop Yunus, Ahmad Zainal Abidin Abdul Razak, Rafiduraida Abdul Rahman, Arsalan Goury
University Pendidikan Sultan Idris,Malaysia


This study aims to uncover the relationship between entrepreneurship orientation, learning orientation and marketing orientation with firm performance among Malay entrepreneurs. About 240 questionnaires had been distributed to entrepreneurs in major districts in Perak, but only 150 questionnaires were analysed. The data collected was sorted and analysed using descriptive and inferential statistical analysis. The findings showed that learning orientation is less contribute to the firm’s performance for the entrepreneurs in Perak as compared with marketing orientation and entrepreneurial orientation. The study also found that when marketing orientation increases, performance may also improve. Entrepreneurial orientation was seen to have a strong direct relationship to the firm’s performance. Therefore, an increase on firms’ learning orientation will reduce performance while increasing marketing orientation and entrepreneurial orientation, would increase the firms’ performance.


Learning orientation, entrepreneurship orientation, firm performance and market orientation