Songphop Khunmathurot, Ratchakan Sungkawadee
Naresuan University, Thailand


Thai literature is regarded as a well-composed fiction. It is a treasure of Thai people and still teaching nowadays. However, the digital society makes technology plays an important role in human life so that Thai youths feel that literature is far from their lives. This article aims to present the integration of teaching Thai literature with the concept of “Thai literature is alive and existent” by bringing modern science and 21st century teaching principles into the hands of students and compare the learning achievement of the 28 students majoring in Thai Language, Faculty of Education. This research is the implementation of the concept “Thai literature is alive and existent” to be used in teaching; in order to make the students feel appreciated, love, and realize the value of Thai literature which is considered a national heritage. The use of technology and teaching principles in 21st century is integrated learning management for students. The process of doing research is 1) pre-test on knowledge and understanding of the literary contents of “Lilit Phralor”, 2) allow students to read Thai literary contents on “Lilit Phralor”, 3) allow students to watch animation cartoon “Lilit Phralor”, 4) allow students to discuss the differences between the literature and animation, 5) take students to learn history at Phralor park in Phrae, 6) integrate Thai Literature and Tourism, 7) post-test on knowledge and understanding of the literary contents of “Lilit Phralor”, and 8) questionnaires and interviews on students’ integrated teaching satisfaction. The research result found that 28 students majoring in Thai language, Faculty of Education have higher learning achievement. The students have the knowledge and understanding of Thai literature on “Lilit Phralor” significantly higher than before study with the teaching style statistically significant at .05, and the students were satisfied with the integration of teaching based on the concept of “Thai literature is alive and existent” at 85%.


Thai literature, literature teaching, technology media, 21st century