Aurora P. Tolentino, Rhueliza R. Tordecilla, Bernadet C. Macaraig, Rene R. Magpantay
University of Batangas, Philippines


Schools and universities are implementing and utilizing emergent technologies in the classroom which is done by integrating computers and other educational technologies as the new learning environment. For more than a decade, the UB Junior High School lives up to the institution’s mission to produce students who are technologically driven and globally competitive. With the technology revolution taking place, the school acknowledges the contribution of educational technology (EdTech) in student’s learning and teacher’s teaching process. The main objective of the study is to evaluate the implementation of EdTech to Special Science Curriculum of UB Junior High School. Specifically, this study described how EdTech is integrated to classes from AY 2009-10 to AY 2012-13 using desktop or personal computers and from AY 2013-14 to AY 2016-17 using mobile technology such as iPad and tablet. The research described students’ performance in selected courses using the two different EdTech devices. Finally, this study proposed a guideline on the application of appropriate EdTech for more effective teaching and learning. This is a combination of quantitative and qualitative research where data were gathered through documentary analysis, focus group discussion and interview with teachers and school management. Findings include that integration of EdTech is being done by continuously applying emergent technologies supporting 21st century learning. There are courses that students learn better with the help of EdTech using desktop rather than tablets or iPads and vice versa. As such, full appreciation by the learners and teachers on how and when to use the EdTech tools properly determine its positive effect to student’s performance. Finally, the study recommends dissemination and training on educational technology applying its proposed guidelines on how to effectively implement the approaches in support of the 21st century education.


Educational technology, 21st century learning, special science high school curriculum