Kirpal Singh

Dr. Kirpal Singh

Training Vision Institute


After a distinguished career of 45 years teaching full-time in Singapore’s top three universities, Dr Singh decided to retire and take on a corporate role. He is now the Chief Academic Officer at Training Vision Institute (Singapore).

Dr Kirpal Singh is among the foremost of today’s global thinkers, especially in the area of Creativity & Innovation. His ideas on and about Education provide on-going discussions among many who believe that the fundamental need globally, today, is to change the way we think about Education. Dr Singh believes, strongly, that our Education is almost totally out-dated and if we don’t heed the warnings clearly given to us by our young, we will be in for a very sorry state.

Dr Singh’s  2004 book-THINKING HATS & COLOURED TURBANS- made the bold assertion that Creativity is closely linked to language, an assertion which is the focus of debate among thinkers around the globe.

Dr Singh is a poet, critic, scholar and author of over 25 books and 150 articles.