The 2nd International Conference on Language, Education and Innovation 2015
ISBN 978-967-13140-5-0

Teachers’ Attitudes towards the Implementation of the National Standards in School-Based EFL Curriculum in South Sulawesi Primary Schools in Indonesia

Iskandar Iskandar

Curtin University, Australia


This research signifies primary EFL teachers’ viewpoints on the implementation of the National Standards (NS) into their School-Based EFL Curriculum (KTSP) in primary schools in South Sulawesi Province in Indonesia, through interviews with eleven individuals. Teachers’ attitudes towards the NS varied. Most teachers expressed their fidelity to the NS, some preferring adaptation to their own specific contexts, and a few others to using other resources. Some teachers were critical about the inadequate time allocation for EFL teaching in classrooms, and a number of them relied on textbooks as their curriculum.


attitudes; fidelity; adaptation; incompatibility; textbook-reliance

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