Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Language, Education, Humanities, and Innovation 2017

Human Problems In Batik Motifs

Bani Sudardi

Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia


Batik motifs store human problems packed in beautiful artistic frames. In the motive is stored story and history of mankind. Batik has long served as a medium of humanity expression. Therefore, each batik will have its own story about the human problem of love, food, home, religion, and so on. This research uses qualitative method. The data come from batik that exist in society. Then held an interview with the community about batik and the existing story. The next step is to create a description of the data with humanitarian problems that exist in the batik script. Research finds that in the batik illustrated humanitarian problems are hidden in the stories behind the story of batik. Human problems can be divided into six, namely (1) power problems, (2) family problems, (3) problems of love and love, (4) problems of prayer and hope, (5) miserable experience, (4) cultural issues. Power problems are found in Cirebon batik and parang batik in Mataram. In Cirebon found batik mega cloudy. This batik emerged as a meeting of Chinese cultural elements in the court of Cirebon. Therefore, the meaning of mega cloudy is to provide shade to the people. Although the people there are Chinese and Javanese, but still provided shade or refuge as cloudy to protect humans from the heat. Sidomukti motif is the motive of family hope to live mukti or live noble. This is a family problem that aspires to a noble life. Dele motive is the family motive for planting soy so that his life becomes prosperous. The motive of love is found in the truntum motif. This motif is a picture of a thousand loves that grow so happy. Meanwhile in the batik motif there is also a sad experience. The motive of parang rusak is a motive that describes the destruction, quarrels, and the collapse of Mataram. Therefore, this motif is a picture of sadness. Cultural issues are also the theme of motives. Wahyu tumurun motif, sekar jagat motif, and semen rama motif is the motive that speaks cultural issues. Wahyu tumurun motif is the expectation that the noble values can be lowered to posterity. Motif semen rama is the motive blend of Hindu and Islamic culture. Meanwhile, the motive sekar jagat is the motive that talks about the world with different cultures.


motive, human problem, culture

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