Hiroshi Hasegawa

Dr. Hiroshi Hasegawa

Curtin University


Dr Hiroshi Hasegawa (Graduate Diploma in Education, Master of Education Studies (LOTE), Master of Education (TESOL) and a PhD) is the Japanese Course Coordinator and a senior lecturer in the School of Education at Curtin University in Western Australia. He has extensive teaching experiences from primary to tertiary level. He currently coordinates and teaches various undergraduate units pertaining to Japanese (as a second language) and contemporary Japanese culture.

Dr Hasegawa’s main research interests include second/foreign language education, ethics in education and the enhancement of education through ICT-led educational reform. He also has ample experience in corporation while contributing as a member of various types and levels of panels and committees, including the tertiary entrance examination in Western Australia, school language advisory committee of Western Australian Catholic schools, and several international academic journals.