ICSAI (previously the Interdisciplinary Circle of Science, Arts, and Innovation), began as an informal grouping of like-minded individuals who share a common interest in education and scholarly research. 

This eventually led to ICSAI’s first conference in December, 2014. Since that inaugural event, ICSAI has successfully organized more than 70 events across Asia and Europe, growing into a trusted platform for researchers to share research findings, discuss various topics and build strong peer networks.


ICSAI aims to democratize scholarly research by narrowing the gap and providing equal opportunity for researchers to share findings and create peer networks .

ICSAI also aims to build the skills and capacities of researchers especially from the developing world who tend to receive less exposure in mainstream channels as compared to their counterparts in Western institutions.

ICSAI conferences have been successful in creating awareness of the research being conducted in these countries and has helped novice and experienced alike in growing their careers and improving their skills.