Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture and Education 2018

Constructing a Bilingual-Education Internship Management Platform to Explore Factors Influencing College Students’ Internship Achievement

Yee-Chia Hu

Ming-Chuan University, Taiwan


The gap between knowledge and application has long been a widely-discussed topic in Taiwan, and finding solutions thus remains critical in the academic field. With the educational experiment on the upswing, integrating internships into regular college courses has demonstrated itself to be an effective way of closing that gap. With 37 participants taking an internship course called Bilingual Education in a local university in Taiwan, this empirical study covered a 20-week class experiments under the monitoring of action research in 2017. Surveys are administered to elicit the information about the relationships between the implementation of the internship management platform and the students’ reactions. The result shows that 3 out of the 5 paths calculated by the statistic tool are significant (*** 0.001). Students’ self-concept toward the subject, the implementation of the internship management platform, and internship outcome positively affect each other, but students’ English learning emotions, self-concept toward the subject, and internship outcome do not significantly affect each other. It suggests that the internship management platform plays an essential role in promoting students’ selfconcept toward the subject and internship outcome. This study provides a new perspective on how college internships can be used as highly credible indicators of student’s learning outcome.


course design, internship management-platform, self-concept toward the subject, internship outcome