Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture and Education 2018

Doangang of Makassar: Albert Lord’s Perspective in Oral Stucture

Nursalam, Nurindah Purnama Sari

State University of Malang, State University of Makassar, Indonesia


This study aims to describe the aspect of doangang Makassar through the analysis theory of Albert Lord. Doangang means an old poem in the form of spell and it is not bound by rhyme but still has a rhythm and it is oral in specific period of time. There are four kinds of doangang reviewed in this article, they are Doangang when wearing face powder, wearing perfume, for supernatural power, and seeking sustenance. The method used in this study is structural method through textual analysis approach. Based on the method, it is found some formula as oral structure which is exist in Doangang. Those formulas are tautotes repetition, syntactic parallelism, concatenation, anaphora repetition, and epiphora repetition.


Doangang, Makassar, perspective, and oral structure