Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture and Education 2018

Ontological Metaphor by Valentino Simanjuntak: Study on Television live broadcast of AFF U-18 Championship 2017

Yoga Yolanda, Vindiatul Miftah Maulyna

State University of Malang, Indonesia


Valentino Simanjuntak is a soccer commentator on television who has created some new metaphors when guiding the game. The metaphors created are unique, funny, and very entertaining. The new metaphors created by Valentino Simanjuntak for example, umpan membelah lautan (splitting sea pass), umpan sedekah (alms pass), umpan segitiga bermuda (bermuda triangle pass), umpan segitiga cinta (triangle of love pass), serangan mudik (homecoming attack), terciduk oleh wasit (picked up by referee), umpan merpati (dove pass), umpan manja (spoiled pass), sapuan salah tingkah (awkward clearance), umpan antarbenua (intercontinental pass), tendangan PHP (giving false hope kick), and much more. Through these metaphors, Valentino Simanjuntak became a favourite soccer commentator in Indonesia. The purpose of this research is to decipher these metaphors to know how the conceptualizations are. The conceptualization is focused on ontological metaphor. The method used is qualitative method with the perspective lens of cognitive semantic theory. The data were obtained from the match of AFF U-18 Championship 2017 on tv. The sample of the data were taken from the matches of Indonesia vs Myanmar, Indonesia vs Philippines, and Indonesia vs Bruney Darussalam. Through this study, it was found that the ontological metaphor of Valentino Simanjuntak appeared in conceptualization (1) abstract entity as physical object, (2) event as physical object, (3) action as physical object, (4) activity as substance, and (5) personification.


Ontological metaphor, Valentino Simanjuntak, AFF U-18 Championship 2017