Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Language, Innovation, Culture and Education 2015
ISBN 978-967-13140-6-7

Action Research in Tamil Language Teaching in Malaysia

Samikkanu Jabamoney Ishak Samuel,

Sultan Idris Education University, Malaysia


Tamil language is one of the primary language in Malaysia. Tamil language is taught in both primary and secondary level. In Malaysia there are 524 Tamil schools and Tamil language is the medium of instruction in these schools. Besides this, Tamil language is also taught in 500 secondary schools as pupil own language. More than 10,000 Tamil teachers working in these schools. Language is basic subject for a student in learning process. In 1988, the Malaysian Education Ministry introduced action research to improve teaching and learning process for Malaysian teachers. Action research still continues in Malaysian schools. This paper discusses about the process of action research in Tamil language teaching.


Action Research and Tamil Language

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