Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Language, Education, Humanities and Innovation 2015
ISBN 978-967-13879-0-0

The Role of Satire In African Literature: A Critical Review of 'Ugomma', an Igbo Drama by Godson Echebina

Stella Ogonna Okafor

Federal College Of Education Eha-Amufu, Nigeria


Generally in African Societies and Nigeria in particular, corruption like a canker worm has eaten deep into the nerve centre of human social life. Indeed, it has developed complicated dimensions and efforts towards its eradication apparently yield little or no result. However, the role of literature cannot be over emphasized. It is very important for the growth of critical thinking and the development of moral behaviours. The contemporary Igbo playwrights have taken it up themselves to preach and fight against immoral and corrupt practices through writing. The purpose of this research work therefore is to review and present analytically satire in Godson Echebina’s drama titled Ugomma. It first highlights on the meaning, types and functions of satire. It reviews some related works on satire and analyses satire in Ugomma. It discusses fully the playwright’s style in handling satire in the play and determines the pungency of satire in it. In order to achieve this purpose the researcher adopts a normative research method which based entirely on the impressionistic observation of the investigator. Among the findings are; drama can be used for entertainment and also as an instrument of protest. Satire has a pungent force in exposing the follies and ineptitudes of man etc. it therefore recommends that the play be video filmed and televised for the public to view and appreciate the crippling effects of religious hypocrisy and promiscuity among today’s young girls. Literary scholars are encouraged to publish more similar works of Godson Echebina since the number in circulation is not enough for the benefit of the entire society.


Literature, Drama, Satire

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