Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Language, Innovation, Culture and Education 2015
ISBN 978-967-13140-8-1

How Effective is L1 Games in Improving the Understanding of English Grammar for University Students?


Maranatha Christian University, Indonesia


This study reveals the university students’ responses on how effective is the use of L1 games in increasing their understanding of English(L2) grammar. It is worthy of note to discover how the use of Indonesian(L1) games could improve the students’ grammar comprehension. The purposes of this study are to discover the university students’ opinion of using games in any grammar classes they have experienced, their feedback on the use of Indonesian(L1) games in learning English(L2) grammar, and the effectiveness of the use of L1 games in improving their understanding of English grammar. The data were obtained from the two questionnaires distributed to 43 Indonesian university students, who were studying Grammar: Verb Patterns, in two different meetings and also from class observation in four consecutive class meetings. The data were analyzed by counting the answers to the two questionnaires one by one and then putting them into several tables with certain categories. The findings show that the use of L1 games are effective for students’ grammar comprehension. By engaging in L1 games, students learn L2 grammar in a more enjoyable yet meaningful way. As a result, their English grammar understanding will increase remarkably together with their enjoyment of participating in the game. Results from the study provide insights and strategies for university lecturers in providing their students with L1 games for improving their students’ comprehension of English grammar. The result of this study can also be used for any lecturers to include their L1 games in teaching English grammar to their university students.


L1 games, effectiveness, L2 grammar

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