Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Language, Education, Humanities, and Innovation 2018

Ombudsman’s Efforts to Encourage Participation of State Citizens in Public Service Supervision

Aulia Sholichah Iman Nur Chotimah,Idrus Affandi

Indonesia University Of Education, Bandung, Indonesia


Ombudsman can be found in various countries. In various corners of the world, Ombudsman can be found in companies, hospitals, and universities. Ombudsman exists in the mass media and various other institutions. Ombudsman in Indonesia is a state institution in charge of overseeing the implementation of public services. There are Ombudsman representatives in every province. Most citizens do not understand that there is the right of citizens to submit a complaint or feedback on the services received if the implementers and organizers deviate from the standard of service in the public service. Comprehensive oversight to the level of public oversight in the area will certainly experience various obstacles because of the limitations of the Ombudsman of the Republic of Indonesia. The Ombudsman as a public service supervisory agency is less well known in the community reaching to regions and even villages, and citizens are less aware and less care about the public services they received. Citizens often do not know how the reporting mechanisms to the Ombudsman's agencies about maladministration they experienced in public service agencies. Then, the citizens also do not have enough courage to report the maladministration event they experienced. The Ombudsman itself has not touched the remote areas of Central Java, so there is lack of information and knowledge about citizens' rights to good public services. This research uses qualitative method. The results of the research on Ombudsman's efforts to encourage citizen participation are campaigns on the importance of oversight of the public services through social media, building an Ombudsman network, and providing opportunities for citizens to do internships in the Ombudsman. The proposed suggestion is to provide more opportunities for citizens to engage in supervision of public services.


Ombudsman Efforts, Participation, State Citizens, Public Service Supervision

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