Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Language, Education, Humanities, and Innovation 2018

Community Empowerment in Traditional House Preservation through Tourism Activities in Saribu Rumah Gadang Region

Fondina Gusriza

Postgraduate School, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia


The majority of the population in West Sumatera Province in Indonesia is Minangkabau tribe. This tribe has traditional houses known as Gadang house (Rumah Gadang). The main function of these traditional houses is as residence, a place for community meetings, as well as a place for some traditional ceremonies. Lately, the existence of Rumah Gadang is increasingly diminished. That becomes a concern for many parties involved in maintaining, preservation and existence of the future of Rumah Gadang, especially in the Saribu Rumah Gadang region. This study aimed to determine the process of community empowerment through tourism activities, which could make Rumah Gadang as tourism attraction and accommodation or homestay at the same time. The economic impact is expected to improve the community wellbeing and to support the preservation of the Rumah Gadang itself.


Community empowerment, preservation of traditional house, Rumah Gadang, Saribu Rumah Gadang region

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