Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Language, Education, Humanities, and Innovation 2018

A Call for Quality Judgment by Experts on Android-Based Learning Application in Teaching English in Indonesia

Fadel Muslaini

Department of English Education, Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta, Indonesia


The aim of this paper is to reveal the actual condition of Android-based learning application developed at the beginning of 2018 in teaching English. It is a really fundamental to know the condition of the media of learning especially from the experts’ perspective. In the process of collecting data, several experts from the different field of study were invited to give their perspectives, suggestions, and critics based on their expertise and point of view toward the Android-based learning application. Several criteria of indicators had been arranged by the researcher to carry out which aspect should be considered as the weaknesses and the advantages. This research stands to conclude whether the media is acceptable in the classroom or in the real situation of learning or not. This study comprised a quantitative and qualitative method. Not only Likert-scale applied in this collecting data, but also detail comment provided in the instruments delivered to the experts to gain the qualitative data. To gain the data, interview and questionnaire were intended to provide the result with rich information toward the actual condition of the Android-based learning application in teaching English. After the analysis of the data, it is concluded that the application was in very good criteria with 83% from the overall score to be applied in the real situation or in the classroom. From the user interface indicator, there is still no optimal development in the layout. To the further study, the researcher deeply expected to apply this Androidbased application in the experimental research in the real learning situation so there will be a direct feedback from conducting a research to find out the effectiveness of the use of this media of learning.


Android application, experts validation, media of learning, teaching English

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