Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Language, Education, Humanities, and Innovation 2018

Farm Tourism Awareness and its Integration in the Curriculum of BSIHM and BSTO Programs

Irene R. De Villa, REB, Francia Yvette A. Magpantay, Ma. Carolina R. Martinez

College of Tourism and Hospitality Management University of Batangas, Hilltop, Batangas City, Philippines


This study sought to determine the awareness of the students and faculty of the College of Tourism and Hospitality Management on farm tourism. Specifically, it assessed the perceptions of the students, faculty and farm owners relative to the concepts and benefits of farm tourism and evaluates the level of awareness of faculty and students on farm tourism activities and products. Also, the study identified the challenges/difficulties/problems of farm owners relative to farm tourism and how to address them which can be included in the proposed syllabus. Statistical tools such as weighted mean, frequency and percentage were used in determining the level of awareness of the respondents on the concepts and benefits of farm tourism as well as on the farm tourism activities and products. To analyze the differences on their responses, the Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) was utilized. Scheffe’s Test for Multiple Comparison of Means was further applied to follow-up on the ANOVA and to underscore post hoc comparisons other than just pairwise comparisons of means. The results of the study shows that both faculty members and farm owners agreed that farm tourism could be an avenue for educational and recreational purposes. Moreover, respondents agreed that it educates the public about agriculture. Further, the respondents should have awareness on the different activities and farm products that could be found on the farm. According to the study, one of the major challenges encountered by farm owners is the lack of government support. Thus, with the abovementioned results, the researchers recommended integrating Farm Tourism as an elective course for BS in International Hospitality Management and BS Tourism Management curriculum.


Agri-Tourism, farm tourism products and activities, curriculum integration, Philippines

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