Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture and Education 2017

English Language Teaching and Learning in Five Local Secondary Schools in Macao

Elisa Monteiro, Isabel Tchiang

University of Saint Joseph, Macao


The purpose of this paper is present an overview of current English teaching and learning approaches in five local Chinese secondary schools in Macao. A small-scale empirical study was employed that included questionnaires for students and in-depth qualitative data to draw inferences about teaching and learning processes and to understand the perceptions, opinions, and perspectives of the teachers. The study provides descriptions of Macao’s educational system, curriculum, teaching-learning processes, strategies that teachers employ in their classrooms, and student learning approaches. It is expected that the findings will add to current understanding of teaching and learning approaches adopted by teachers and students in the secondary sector, principally in the light of the current education reform in Macao. The results of this study will provide implications for teachers and school administrators.


Pedagogy, surface and deep learning approach, direct instruction, constructivism, Macao