The 1st International Conference on Language, Education and Psychology 2015
ISBN 978-967-13140-4-3

Attitudes Towards Self-Editing of EFL University Students

Napaporn Srichanyachon

Bangkok University, Thailand


This research aimed to study EFL university students' attitudes towards self-editing their own written texts and compare their attitudes with different background (gender and English background knowledge). The samples were 201 undergraduate students enrolled in Fundamental English course at Bangkok University. The instrument in this study was a questionnaire. Results indicated that the average mean of attitudes towards self-editing was at moderate level. There were significant differences at .05 level found in students’ attitudes towards self-editing as classified by English background knowledge, but no statistically significant differences in terms of gender. The results from an open-ended question revealed students’ positive attitudes towards self-editing, indicating its usefulness in the EFL context.


attitude, self-editing, writing, EFL students

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