General Guidelines

Invitation Policy
Candidates for publication in IJLLCE are selected by going through papers that have been accepted for presentation in previous or upcoming conferences. Authors who meet the selection criteria will be invited to submit their paper to the journal for review.

NO FEES will be charged to authors for the publication of their work in the IJLLCE. However, other fees may be charged on a case-by-case basis for additional services such as language editing, printing, delivery of hardcopy etc.

Concurrent Submissions
IJLLCE will not accept manuscripts that have been accepted or being reviewed by other publications. This includes other journals, conference proceedings, and books either as a whole or in part.

Manuscripts deemed suitable for publication will be sent to at least one external reviewer. Publication of reviewed manuscripts is not guaranteed. In most cases, manuscripts are accepted conditionally, pending an author’s revision of the material.

Author ‘s Responsibility
By agreeing to be published in the journal, authors are assumed to have taken full responsibility for all statements made in the article, including changes made by editors.  Statements must be supported by valid citations and free from plagiarism. IJLLCE will not be held liable for any legal action resulting from the author’s published work either as a whole or in part.

It will be assumed that the author has already obtained all necessary permissions for the use of any copyrighted material or materials that have already been published in other publications. A declaration will have to be signed by authors prior to actual publication.

Abstracts and Papers must be submitted via email to the Editor-in-Chief at

The corresponding author must be available for consultation to answer questions during the editorial process and to approve the edited copy.

Language Editing
Linguistic accuracy is very important in ensuring that the author’s message are conveyed to the reader unambiguously and correctly. At any point during the evaluation process, the editorial board may ask the author to send the paper for proofreading or language editing. Authors are expected to bear the cost of this task.

Time to Publish
Typically, the time taken from the date of invitation to the final decision to publish is approximately three months. The total elapsed time from date of invitation to actual publication may reach 6 months.

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