Ecofeminism as a Means of Spiritual Healing of Kate's Character in Alice Walker's Novel "Now is the Time to Open Your Heart"

Ahmed Ghazi Mohasien
University of Anbar, Iraq


This paper shows the impact of the Ecofeminism as a way to Spiritual caring and being well from the current issues, in Kate’s society, Ecofeminism based on the theory that the mistreatment of women and the repression of nature are ultimately related. Within ecofeminist literature, Ecofeminism is the idea that feminism and environmentalism are intrinsically linked, and Alice Walker used this concept within her novel.” Now is the time to open your heart” Applying this to Kate’s personality, the research examines the interaction between human beings and the non-human and natural universe and the essence of the relationship between human beings and the environment. Walker utilized Ecofeminism as a form of spiritual healing force, and as a cure for Kate’s personality, to liberate her from all anxious thoughts and hardships in her life, and to promote a bond between people and nature away from challenges in their world.


Kate, nature, ecofeminism, spiritual, women

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