From School-Based Curriculum to Characters Curriculum: An Analysis of ‘Pathway to English’

Asri Purnamasari
Universitas Kristen Indonesia, Indonesia


This study analyses the implementation of the 2013 Characters Curriculum for Senior High School Grade XI General Programme English materials ‘Pathway to English’ in Indonesia. By using a qualitative exploratory study, an exploration of the implementation of the Characters Curriculum was explored. The data was collected by using semi-structured interviews to investigate some pre-service and in-service teachers on the implementation of the characters’ curriculum by using ‘Pathway to English’ as the main materials in their schools – the pilot schools. The results and achievements of the study in the pilot schools will contribute to the appropriate application of evaluation and development of the Characters Curriculum to all schools in Indonesia. In this study, the analysis of English materials is focused on some essential elements of language syllabus – objectives, language learning philosophy, methodology, materials used, and evaluation. It is found that the General Programme English materials ‘Pathway to English’ based on Characters’ Curriculum has some strengths and some weaknesses related to the teacher’s creativity, learning context, and learners’ knowledge. The study recommends some inputs on teaching methodology, which leads to the improvement of teachers’ creativity and the development of learners’ knowledge, related to the cultural awareness of English language use in their context. This study also suggests some evaluation on Characters Curriculum related to materials, methodology, approaches, and techniques of implementing Characters Curriculum, to have clear instructions for teachers to teach within national standards. Furthermore, the teaching methods could be created based on the context where the learners learn the language. Thus, this curriculum will give some chances for teachers to teach and reach not only knowledge but also cultural awareness and the value of learning to be implemented in their real lives.


school-based curriculum, characters curriculum, English material development, and teaching methodology

Online Repository of the International Journal of Language, Literature, Culture, and Education