Alamat ng Gubat and its Sociopolitical Tone

Lynn M. Besa
Rizal Technological University, Philippines


In the academic environment, how does literature serve as a vehicle in exposing the learners on the socio-political issues of their setting? This study tries to explore the sociopolitical implication of the novelette Alamat ng Gubat as a depiction of Philippine politics and governance. Specifically, the study aims to uncover the characteristics of the novel which reflect a certain type of society, determine the kind of society presented in the novelette, disclose the socio-political environment through characterization and extract the sociopolitical issues implied in the text. Findings reveal that the story is characterized to be a contemporary, political, and post-modern novelette depicting a political society where the characters are determined to possess or retain power. The author satirically unveils the socio-political illness of the society using the postmodernist approach.


critical discourse analysis, hierarchy, literature, power, sociopolitics

Online Repository of the International Journal of Language, Literature, Culture, and Education