Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Language, Education, Humanities & Innovation 2015
ISBN 978-967-13140-2-9

An Integral ASIE Instructional Design Model: An integrated approach in instructional planning for the 21st century teaching environment

Ismail Md. Zain, Balakrishnan Muniandy, Wahid Hashim

Utusan Malaysia


In the era of 21st century teacher education, instructional design is an important element as it has an impact on the teachers’ instructional planning as well as learners’ learning process. This element enable them to face the growing challenges of complex, changing and fragile world in fulfilling the needs of 4Cs (critical thinker, communicator, collaborator, creator) developing “a globally competitive personality”. Hence, teachers need to have extensive pedagogical knowledge to accommodate and integrate technology, pedagogy and content knowledge (TPACK) effectively in their instructional planning (Mishra, P., & Koehler, M.J., 2006). ASIE is an acronym for Analyse, Strategise, Implement and Evaluate. It is an integral instructional design model developed as alternative solution to the above challenges for schools and institutions of higher learning. It is interactive to the user, integrative in planning the content, prescriptive in the planning procedures and constructive in the organization of the components. An Integral ASIE ID Model has a planning mechanism known as Multiple Integration Worksheet (MIW). This unique features guide instructors/ teachers in the process of formulating & integrating the best possible practices in the instructional planning strategies. This new approaches are needed in establishing a more “active and innovative learning environment” which linked to the learners’ future employability issues.


Instructional design, ASIE Model, instructional planning, Multiple Integration Worksheet (MIW)

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