Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Language, Education, Humanities & Innovation 2015
ISBN 978-967-13140-2-9

Multicultural Education Program In Far Eastern University: A Basis For Enhancement

Gina Sy-Luna

Far Eastern University, Philippines


According to Banks (2001), one of the current trends in worldwide Education is the increasing number of students of different race. In the Philippines, the number of foreigners granted permit to study has increased over the years. This study made an assessment of the multicultural education in Far Eastern University using System Analysis. Descriptive method was used to access the strengths and weaknesses of the university in the program, specifically on the different concerns on the statement of the problems. It is concluded in the study that there is a significant difference between the perceptions of the teachers and students on the different aspects of multicultural education program offered by the university. Though it is not alarming or evident only to a small degree as revealed in the study, it perceived that changes are needed for better enhancement of the program. Some important topics to consider are correlations between the teaching and learning conditions of multicultural education in connection with academic performance including the communication process, environment, social interaction, ethics and moral values affecting academic performance and productivity.


multicultural education, enhancement, program, assessment, foreign students

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