Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Language, Education, Humanities & Innovation 2015
ISBN 978-967-13140-2-9

Thai Teachers’ Reflections On Vocabulary Pedagogy In Thai EFL Class

Liangpanit, Chongrak

Khonkaen University, Thailand


This paper reports on the extents to which Thai secondary teachers’ reflection of vocabulary teaching and their implementation its vocabulary pedagogy which includes in their EFL classroom. Within a qualitative study, data were collected by way of –in-depth interview with 10 teachers in different high school teachers both experienced and non-experienced teachers. 100 questionnaires were interpreted by using quantitative data. The results revealed that teachers show some different reflections which in turned effected the way they implemented the vocabulary pedagogy in classrooms. Recommendations are also given to apply for teaching vocabulary in Thai EFL classroom.


vocabulary activity, pedagogy

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