Proceedings of The 3rd International Conference on Language, Education and Innovation 2015
ISBN 978-967-13140-9-8

Students’, Teachers’ and Parents’ Perceptions Towards Challenges of the Teaching Arabic Language in National Religious Secondary Schools (SMKA) In Selangor

Norfaezah Mohd Hamidin

Kolej Universiti Islam Selangor, Malaysia


IssuThe use of technology in the learning of foreign languages nowadays has become a need that is both important and fun. The advent of the internet has made it very convenient for learners to share and create language learning content. Therefore, this paper will discuss the use of blogs as a new and innovative method in the process of teaching and learning Spanish as a foreign language. Jean Piaget’s Cognitive theory approach (1952) will be applied to observe learners’ cognitive level in creating blogs and to identify learners’ writing skills in Spanish. Five blogs will be examined in this research, focusing on the peformance in writing basic sentences in Spanish. In these blogs, learners will apply the writing skills they have obtained in class to the blogs the create. The findings from this research do not only highlight the learners’ thinking skills in creating the blogs but also, the researchers have also observed that their basic writing skills have improved. Therefore, this research has given a new dimension in diversifying the teaching and learning approach to learning Spanish as a foreign language.e of Arabic proficiency in Malaysia is never-ending and has always been the concern of policy makers and interested groups. This study aims to investigate students’, teachers’ and parent’s perceptions towards challenges of teaching Arabic Language at SMKA. The purpose of the study to find the effective of teaching Arabic Language which determine by the challenges in teaching Arabic Language faced by teachers. The study employs a qualitatitave method. The participants of the study were three students, three teachers and three parents from three identified SMKAs at Selangor. A structured interview was used to gather the data for the study. The data were classified into several themes and analysed qualitatively. The study reveales that the challeges of teaching Arabic Language depends on students’ attitude towards the language itself. It was found that there was a lack of teaching method in teaching Arabic and using intermediate language. The environment at the same time is not in favour of teachers to teach Arabic language. Some recommendations were suggested by the study.


Challege, Teaching Arabic Language, SMKA

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