Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture and Education 2015
ISBN 978-967-13140-7-4

The Acquisition Of Foreign-Language Drama and Its Relevance in Learning Appreciation of Literature Through Staging Drama (Case of Non Native Speakers)

Rita Sutjiati, Tri Wahyu Retno Ningsih, Suci Budiwaty, Dwi Nitisari

Gunadarma University, Indonesia


Play performance is one of those teaching skills which challenge the students to think creatively to appreciate the literature. Here, the students are strived for thinking strong and evolving their creative thoughts in reviews or reviewing the foreign language’s play that has been seen in the dramatically play. Review or evaluation is a kind of students’ creativity through literature’s criticism that is related to the play’s manuscript or letters that has been performed. Type of this review or evaluation shows the students’ creative process and shows the students’ level of appreciation to the letters. Based on hypothesis, it is built an assumption that less interested students in appreciating the letters is related to the blind side of students’ appreciation level, including play. Although the students’ appreciation level to the play is difficult enough to be measured, but this early research hopefully can give satisfactory information about the right teaching methods or media to be used in leaning the letters’ appreciation. This research used plan of Action Research. As Class Action Research context, the word “action” was understood as activity that was arranged systematically to create a raising level of teaching process and educational practices in certain class condition. In practicing Action Research, there were 4 basics that have to be concerned; they were (a) Action plan, (b) Action realization, (c) Observation, and (d) Reflection. These four aspects were connected each other and continuous. The result of students’ learning in rewriting review of the letters by benefiting the dramatic phenomenon to be the main substance for measuring the students’ appreciation level and perception to the performed play. According to the result of the research, it could be concluded that the model of play performance could be one of students’ learning models in appreciating the letters.


Play Acquisition, Evaluation, Play Performance, Letters’ Appreciation, Learning Models.

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