Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Language, Literature, Culture and Education 2015
ISBN 978-967-13140-7-4

Roles Played by Meranao Women in the Formation of Meranao of Society; Breaking the Stereotypes

Pantao, Alyanah

Mindanao State University, Philippines


The study aimed to identify the different roles played by Meranao women in Marawi City, how their roles are portrayed and how it is different to traditional Meranao women. The main objective was to bring into light the early position of Meranao women in Muslim society to enlighten us what are the changes happened over the years. Using cultural feminism, the study correct the impressionists adverse picture of the Meranao women as completely subservient to their men, and as giving little importance to their role in life—facts which have consequently assigned them to a secondary status in society. Among the roles identified which broke the stereotype Meranao women are the following: breadwinner, entrepreneur, educator and activist. Furthermore, the author find out that the Meranao women play an important role in political arena such a solving conflict and ridu (family feud), organizers of community services, activist of peace process. Majority of the roles they played showed how Meranao women now have started to reassess their rights as they realized that they have more potential that they have been allowed to use in a male dominated society. The woman now assumes new roles to liberate her and be recognized. These new roles they now assume gave them a new identity to recognize their roles in Meranao society. They author concludes that Meranao women defied many cultural norms and principles and struggled to liberate herself by breaking the stereotype of Meranao women to have a new identity in the formation of Meranao society.


Meranao, Feminism, Stereotype

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