Pannatat Po-Dhivejakul
Silpakorn University, Thailand


This creative work has been created from the radio drama of Gunter Eich, called the Fifth Dream, and aim to substitute the script by using physical theatre to perform on stage, to show the horrors of various disasters, and to let one sees and realizes those threats. The radio drama script analysis shows that living in today’s society is full of hustle and bustle. It may cause a man pays no attention to observe the surrounding. Then, he is unaware of the danger which comes closer little by little, especially those that cannot be seen with the naked eyes; such as a dark influence, dominance, neglect, and selfishness. There are several kinds of physical theatre, finding the right one for the performance should be done carefully. Eventually, there are two kinds of physical theatre has been selected to work on this creative work. They are butoh dance and creative movement. During the experimental period, few butoh dance artists work in collaboration with a group of stage actors who have prior experience in physical theatre. A group of stage actors is mix ethnicity such as Thai, Chinese, and Canadian. That is because each of them acts as representatives of the population from any country on this planet. In parts of butoh artists, Thai and American, they act as representatives of all the wickedness in society. The plot of this creative work has been changed. However, the subject matter remains the same as the original. Ultimately, feedback from the audience ensures that the options of physical theatre used in the performance are worthy.


Gunter Eich, physical theatre, butoh dance, creative movement