Christy B. Alfeche
Department of Education, Philippines


This study aimed to describe the experience, challenges, difficulties and insights encountered by senior high school student-researchers of the Academic track and the Technical Vocational track in accomplishing their research work in terms of (1) selecting their research topic (2) collecting and organizing related studies (3) preparing the research proposal (4) conducting the research and (5) writing the research paper. This paper also ought to investigate the impact of research to the senior high school students despite the difficulties encountered in the aforementioned stages. This study is a qualitative research using a phenomenological design and thematic analysis as the main method in analyzing the data interview. Another method used in this study involves cross- checking multiple data sources and collection procedures to evaluate the extent to which all evidence converges and this was done through focus group discussion. Results show that novice researchers in senior high school encountered difficulties in selecting the topic, collecting and organizing related studies, preparing the proposal, conducting the research and in writing the research paper. Other challenges include financial problem and inadequate resources such as computer, internet connection, printer and other facilities needed in undertaking research. Despite the difficulties encountered, research brought positive impact to senior high school researchers like values and skill enhancement, confidence and interpersonal aspect. Research instructors should continue to look for strategy and technique in teaching research and school should provide necessary facilities needed in order to avoid inconveniences.


Novice researchers, difficulties, challenges, impact