Fatima Yusuf
Federal University, Gashua, Nigeria


Understanding and learning a language is not mere proficiency neither skills for studying, but also traditionalist attitude predominant in respect of attitudes of students towards the English language in the Nigerian universities. Doubtless, there is a traditionalist attitude of people, who believe in an absolute and unwavering standard of correctness in even the most undeveloped societies, that language is of divine origin and hence was perfect in its beginnings but is constantly in danger of corruption and decay unless it is diligently kept in line by wise people who are able to get themselves accepted as authorities, such as those who write dictionaries and grammars. The main study is examined the attitude of students towards using grammar (syntax). The study used descriptive analysis thirty-one (31) participants responded, the data were collected by face to face interaction and their responses and it been analyzed based on percentages showing their attitude, learning and speak towards the use of English grammar. The findings show that the majority of the students investigated, started their learning syntax whilst in childhood and construction use of grammar is occasionally used. However, syntax rules are been considered but less useful in daily activities. In addition, the result indicates the students of Federal University, Gashua, Yobe State, have positive attitudes towards learning English syntax. Furthermore, the findings demonstrate the percentage of Nigerians students who use syntax English in their day-to-day interactions as advantageous despite the fact is not considerable enough. Recommended such future research should involve many participants as possible from different ages and educational backgrounds to come out with a strong claim that could be made.


Attitude, students, English Syntax, use of grammar